Granique® Switch Plates are produced using our unique method to simulate the look of granite, marble or other stone materials. In many cases, it is hard to tell them apart from natural stone. These plates are actually photographic images of real stone molded onto a layer of acrylic. A protective coating is then applied to prevent damage to the photo. All plates are oversized to allow extra room for the larger cut-outs made in stone.

Advantages of Granique® Switch Plates:

  • There are 32 standard colors
  • Lead time is short at approximately 2 weeks
  • An undercut is already built into back of the plate
  • Colors are consistent, unlike granite, which varies from slab to slab

The disadvantage of Granique® is that some colors are closer than others. The specialized photographic process cannot always duplicate nature; therefore, there will be certain colors which may not be an exact match. For example, Blue Pearl is barely acceptable, but Butterfly Green is very close.

Ordering Granique® Switch Plates

Because stone is created by nature, there are literally thousands of different colors and variations. We color correct to average light. The same photo will look different when viewed under incandescent, fluorescent or natural light. When using our sample chain, be sure to view the colors under the same lighting conditions as those found in your client's home.

All prices below are retail. Dealers and fabricators should contact us for wholesale pricing.

Single: $39.00 Triple: $65.00
Double: $49.00 Quad: $85.00

Switch Plate Styles
We offer a full range of standard and Decora plate styles with several receptacle types. See our diagram of available Switch Plate Styles.

Standard Colors
Colors shown on our sample swatch chain (see Standard Colors).

Granique® Plug Covers
Granique® plug covers are included . These covers are peel and stick to cover the actual receptacle or Decora® switch. The only thing you will see is granite, not an unsightly plastic outlet. On Decora® plates, you must specify whether it is a switch, a plug or a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter).

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