Please Note:

Careful packing of the stone ensures it arrives in usable form. If the stone isn't packed properly it will break and we may or may not be able to use all the pieces. There is also the possibility it will have a fracture that we won't detect until we are in the middle of fabrication, and then the stone falls apart. This costs us time and money and will delay your order up to 2 additional weeks.

Your Material
In order for us to produce plates with customer supplied material, we need at least 25%-50% of additional material than the number of plates required. There is a substantial amount of breakage during the delicate manufacturing process. Either cut blanks to the sizes below, or send in a large enough slab and we will cut it.

Minimum Blank sizes:
Additional material Required
4" x 6"
minimum 25%
6" x 6"
minimum 50%
8" x 6"
minimum 50%
10" x 6"
minimum 50%

In order for us to process your order we will need to have enough additional material, otherwise your order cannot be started.

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