Our custom made switch plates add the finishing touch to your project. The pristine look of your countertops and backsplashes is preserved, letting the beauty of the stone take center stage, instead of an unsightly plastic switch plate. What a difference!
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We offer several choices for stone switch plates. Select the one that is right for your application:



Granique® Switch Plates
Granique® Switch Plates are produced using our unique method to simulate the look of granite, marble or other stone materials. In many cases, it is hard to tell them apart from natural stone. These plates are actually photographic images of real stone molded onto a layer of acrylic. A protective coating is then applied to prevent damage to the photo. All plates are oversized to allow extra room for the larger cut-outs made in stone. There are 32 standard colors.

Retail prices start at $39.00.




Natural Granite Switch Plates
Natural Granite Switch Plates are custom-made using the client's own material for an exact match. There are several reasons to choose natural stone plates:
  • The Granique® match we have is not close enough to your customer's liking
  • The customer's granite is unique, has a specific grain pattern or contains a lot of movement
  • The customer absolutely insists on the “real thing”

We can also make Natural Granite Switch Plates from our stone, but naturally, the colors vary from slab to slab. At that point, Granique™ switch plates may be the better option, so you know exactly what it will look like ahead of time.

Retail prices start at $79.00.


  Stonique® Switch Plates
Our Stonique® Switch Plates are created by combining our special resin with real crushed stone to give you the look and feel of natural stone. These plates are made to match travertine and tumbled marble by retaining the texture that occurs naturally, but with more durability than natural stone.

Retail prices start at $29.95.